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Solveiga Karele, SIA Grenardi board member

"Our turnover is significantly affected by seasonal fluctuations. The cash flow plan developed by AG Capital helps us to balance incomes with payments as well as optimally plan purchases."



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"Our company has already worked out a budget but we want to improve it, to automate the performance analysis and to have the best budgeting system available on the market" Solution...

AG Capital - Financial services

AG Capital is a financial services and advisory firm providing Chief Financial Officer services to small and medium sized enterprises throughout Europe. We specialise in working with companies that do not have their own CFO or who have specific problems that require the expertise of a highly trained financial specialist.


Our primary services are; financial planning (budgets and analysis, profitability calculations, results analysis and presentation of enterprise monthly performance), raising secured funding and selection of banking services.


More information about our services you can find Services section.