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Curtis Konvalin, Director of Budget and Finance, Riddle’s Group, Inc.

"As a growing company with 53 retail locations and multiple affiliates, we were in need of a budgeting spreadsheet that would help us manage our growth. AG Capital was very professional, efficient, patient, and easy to work with through the entire process. I would recommend the experts at AG Capital to any company looking for help writing complex Excel spreadsheets to meet the needs of their organization."


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AG Capital CFO Services Signs a New Cooperation Agreement


AG Capital CFO Services continues its expansion into the UK market. Today AG Capital signed a cooperation agreement with EIS Platforms LTD.

Seed EIS Platform focuses on helping entrepreneurs access funding through time-tested, battle-harden fund raising techniques. Seed EIS is a new government backed tax scheme to boost investment in UK start ups. It’s full name Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is an extension of the exciting enterprise investment scheme. The key differences being 50% income tax relief. So on a 10k investment an investor should expect to receive 5k back from the government in tax relief.

AG Capital CFO Services has been chosen as one of Seed EIS Platform’s key partners to help start-up companies with their financial planning. To those companies that will be funded, AG Capital CFO Services will be capable to provide outsourced financial planning and analysis services on a regular basis.

Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA, AG Capital CFO Services founder and CEO: “We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with Seed EIS Platform. We believe that the experience our company brings to British entrepreneurs, at prices that even a garage startup can afford, will make a key difference in the way these companies present themselves to potential investors.”