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Oscar Skara, restaurant “Library” co-owner

"When deciding about an investment in the restaurant “Library” we involved AG Capital to carry out a financial assessment. AG Capital estimates clearly showed the required restaurant occupancy and the break-even level."



Find out how to solve this problem:

"We constantly have to make a wide range of financial calculations but it seems that our accountant is unable to do them." Solution...


AG Capital enters UK market



AG Capital participates in the 27th Business Startup Show in London.

On May 17th and 18th AG Capital’s owner & CEO Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA and head of international business development, Jon Shore, participated in the 27th Business Startup Show in London which took place at the ExCeL center. An estimated 26,000 people have attended the show. The main goal for our company was to expand our foreign markets for outsourced CFO services from US to UK, to establish new contacts and to attract new clients in the UK market. In all of these goals we were extremely successful.

Our trip was co-financed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia that trusted the concept and supported our company financially. During the conference, AG Capital received very positive feedback from many companies on its business model and on our ability to offer high quality CFO services more cost effectively than local CFO firms. We have begun cooperation with several partners - financial service providers in the UK market.


We are very excited to be entering the UK market and see a great future for us there.


If you are interested in investing in the UK market we are happy to be your trusted partner. We now have a very good network of trusted individuals who can assist with all aspects of investment in the United Kingdom.