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Ainārs Spriņģis, Grenardi Group owner

"With the help of AG Capital organized banking survey, we were able to significantly improve bank funding conditions, which resulted to savings of tens of thousands of euro on interest payments"


Find out how to solve this problem:

"We have several product groups and we want to understand whether any of them is unprofitable." Solution...

AG Capital web page is published

Today we present the new AG Capital website. We appreciate the professional approach of White Digital for their website development. In our opinion, the product is well designed both visually and in terms of content. We certainly invite your feedback.

Over the past year and a half we have been working without a website because it was unneccesary. Customers came to us by word of mouth because of our professional reputaion. But as of today we are expanding our activities and services beyond Latvia and feel that the Internet is an important component in that expansion. Your word of mount recommendations are and will remain the most important advertising media to us. Your satisfaction with our services is always most important to us.