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British version of CFOTemplates is launched!

AG Capital is proud to announce that we have launched the British version of our CFOTemplates website that offers all our professional Microsoft Excel models in one place.


Following a great success of our original website CFOTemplates.com where everybody can get professional financial Excel templates, we have specifically customized our products for the UK market. We have established standardized Excel models for several industries on the UK market and a wide range of needs - from simple planning models to the advanced budgeting models. Now they are available at CFOTemplates.co.uk.


CFOTemplates.co.uk allows customers to access and use our products without entering into any contractual agreements. Furthermore, quite a few of the models are available free of charge. This is an excellent solution for business owners, entrepreneurs and financial managers who do not need an external financial service but who just need an excellent Excel tool for specific business solutions.


Our templates are also available through Microsoft Office Marketplace.


CFOTemplates Excel models are standardized for a particular industry. This means that the company's specifics will already be included in the model. For example, retail companies in CFOTemplates proposed budget file can plan revenues by store and by product group.