EU Structural Funds

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Attraction of EU Structural Funds for your Business

If you plan to develop a business in Latvia, AG Capital can help you to attract European Union grants from the so-called structural funds. We offer the full range of services, advising the clients all the way through starting from choosing the right program and up until the grant is being received:Untitled design (1)

  • Choosing the right EU structural fund program for the client’s idea;
  • Aligning the project idea with the specific demands of the program;
  • Filling the project application form, business plan and financial plan development in accordance with the program guidelines;
  • Preparation of other documents as needed for the project, within our competence;
  • Procurement process administration and supervision. Creation of procurement process reports;
  • Coordinating the project flow with all the parties involved;
  • Creation of project’s final report and approving it with the officials (CFCA, RSS or LIDA).

The financial projections and other materials prepared by us during the process would be also appropriate to use for loan applications.

Price range
The prices for these services are very much dependent on the requirements for a specific program and the amount of the grant. To better align our interests with those of our clients, we usually charge a small fee for paperwork, while the main payment in the form of a success fee is tied to actual money received by the clients.

Contact us to learn about EU grant availability for your business. Remember, that our fees can also be included as a part of the project to can get a reimbursement for them as well.

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