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Advantages of Outsourced CFO Services

Most businesses with over 20 employees are complex enough to have all their processes be fully controlled by one person, but as long as they don’t have some 100-200 employees, having an in-house CFO is just too expensive. Using an outsourced CFO is an ideal solution for businesses like these.

Choosing the outsourced CFO services by AG Capital you pay for the expertise of an experienced finance professional only to the extent you really need. You won’t have to arrange a separate office for the person, won’t have to bother with vacation compensation or sick leave. You won’t have to think about how to replace the person.  All these problems are our responsibility and the cost of solving these is already included in the tariff plan (which by the way, is substantially lower than the cost of an in-house person).

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Our experience shows that this service is ideal for companies with employees between 10 and 200. It would be difficult for us to recover our fees for smaller clients, while larger clients should probably hire a full-time CFO.

Monthly Process

Most of the monthly analyses are presented to the clients in PowerPoint format. During the meeting, AG Capital analysts present the most important findings and suggestions on what to improve in the client’s business. One of the sample presentations is available here:


Sample monthly analysis

We usually do most of the work remotely, but we are present in the client’s office to present the monthly results and our suggestions for improvement. For most of our export clients, these presentations are being done over Skype or through our local partners in the client’s country.



Services and Fees

Monthly CFO services are merely a combination of AG Capital other services. Some clients use our services just to get an outsider’s perspective on how they are doing and what could be done better. Other clients extensively use our experience for budgeting, cost control and CAPEX projections. Our fees are dependent on the amount of work – the ballpark range is from 450 EUR to 1500 EUR per month ex VAT.

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