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Question/problem: Are all of our aircrafts profitable? Don’t we spend on maintenance of some aircrafts more than they generate from operations? Solution by...
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Bakery & Confectionery Manufacturer

Question/problem: We have one dominant retailer that takes about 60% of our sales. The buyer was already given the lowest prices but was...
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Cargo Airline

Question/problem: We have just received a notice from our client that the client will stop using our services for the most profitable flight...
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Jewelry Retailer

Question/problem: We have seasonal peak of sales in December but we need to buy goods in September. How much can we afford to...
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Question/problem: We plan to open a high-level restaurant at an exclusive location. What pricing/occupancy rate combinations are needed to break-even? Solution by AG...
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Social Media

Question/problem: We are a start-up company that has prepared its business plan 9 months ago and has made a lot of changes to...
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Night Club

Question/problem: We need to understand the efficiency of our operations. What could we improve in our operations? Solution by AG Capital ⇒ Monthly...
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Veterinary Product Wholesaler

Question/problem: Are we efficient in terms of sales, markups and inventory? Solution by AG Capital ⇒ Monthly sales analysis. We provided the company...
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Furniture Wholesaler – Startup

Question/problem: We plan to open a new furniture wholesale business in France and need to understand the breakeven level of sales Solution by...
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