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Question/problem: We have a lot of shipping orders that are funded by different investors. The cashflows from the shipping orders have mixed and...
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Construction Material Wholesaler – startup

Question/problem: We plan to open a new wholesale business and need to understand the breakeven combination of sales/markups Solution by AG Capital ⇒...
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Question/problem: We need to understand whether all of our shops are profitable. Solution by AG Capital ⇒ Monthly shop profitability calculations.


Question/problem: We need to understand what is more benefitial for us – to provide outsourced logging services or to buy land plots with...
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Dairy, Construction, Gadget Wholesale & Retail

Question/problem: Our manufacturing/sales personnel does not seem to be motivated by flat salaries. Can we afford a motivating salary system and what shall...
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Question/problem: Do we make profit from every construction project we undertake? Have we managed to keep actual costs within the planned estimates for...
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Question/problem: For every client we give cost estimates. We are good at estimating variable costs but what % shall we apply as the...
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Freight Car Service

Question/problem: What is the full cost of one service hour for our company? How much shall we charge our clients? Solution by AG...
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Dairy, Bakery & Manufacturing

Question/problem: We have a lot of clients with different prices and payment conditions. Do we make money from all of them? Solution by...
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