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Start Your Own Business – CFO Outsourcing


With AG Capital CFO Services you can establish your own profitable CFO Services outsourcing company.


Every company needs detailed financial data to prosper; Budgeting, analyses, return on investment calculations, in-depth financial plans, cashflow planning, cost analyses, strategic and finance advice and financial assistance for attracting financing. This is not the sort of work an accountant, bookkeeper, or CPA can do. Most small and medium sized companies cannot afford the high costs of hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer. But with AG Capital as your team you can provide every company the opportunity to have a part time CFO and to have access to all these essential services.


If you have experience in finance; CPA, accounting, CFA, CFO, etc., you can immediately start a CFO Outsourcing company. You can begin now, even if you are currently employed. You can start building your business and deal flow before you leave your current position. Even if you have never held the position of CFO, AG Capital CFO Services will give you and your new company the credibility and the experienced team to take on and complete even the most complex financial projects.


The Riga, Latvia based AG Capital CFO Services team members have many years of experience in CFO and other financial officer positions with multi-national companies. Each one of them is a consummate professional and is fluent in English as well as a number of other languages. The AG Capital CFO Services team is led by Andrew Grigolyunovich, a CFA charterholder and experienced CFO.


The AG Capital team becomes your team. You hand them the work your clients contract with you to do. You instruct your team on how you want the work to be done. You work directly with your team to be sure the work is done to yours and your client’s specifications. You polish the work when it is returned to you and you put your logo and your name on it. You bill your clients, you get paid by your clients and you pay your AG Capital team for their work at rates that will allow you to mark those rates up at a considerable profit for your company.


Consider the possibilities.

•  Your own team of financial professionals

•  No hunting for a top notch team

•  No issues with employees

•  A dependable team immediately available to you that can grow with your business

•  Low hourly and per project rates that allow to you net a considerable profit



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We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and to help you create a successful future.